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  • Еternal Personal Organizer, One Week per Spread

    My own personal diary

    I’ve been using this system for more than one year, changing something and improving it for myself, so now it is completely suitable for me. And if I have any new ideas or requirements, I’ll be able to adjust it in a jiffy. The system is very simple — this is a diary based on a loose-leaf binder copybook with a “one week per spread” planner. However there are more functions, as you’ll see below.

    The basis of this diary is a copybook with a loose-leaf binder and transparent plastic cover with a button. It is very light, compact and does not come unbuttoned in your bag or backpack. Copybooks of the kind are usually available at major stores of office supplies…

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    Parallel Streams Method or Prevent Your Brain from Exploding

    Parallel streams method

    This way of organizing tasks turned out to be the most convenient for me, and I’m gonna tell why. If you are in such a situation that there you have many different tasks in very different fields, then at some point the brain starts to boil, and all the time you are haunted by the feeling that you have missed something, forgotten, did not do it on time, and eventually you end up with your brain overloaded, unable to do anything except for watching cats on YouTube and thinking of your own hopelessness.

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