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    Everyone who starts practicing calligraphy probably faces the question — where to find a grid or guidelines for writing, so as not to draw them?

    Such grids can be created in about two seconds — there are many online markup generators. They differ in terms of convenience and feature set, and here is my personal chosen ones, the best I’ve found so far on the web:

    Ductus: lets us set the number of lines, the width of the pen, the angle of inclination easily and intuitively with the help of sliders. Also there are ready templates for the uncial, Gothic script, etc. We set the values, click on the “THEN DOWNLOAD” button, and the grid for writing in PDF format is saved to us on the computer. Just perfect!


    CaliDraw: allows you to choose a lot of settings, beginning from the size and orientation of the sheet, the pen manufacturer and the width of the tip and ending with the ready settings for different styles of writing — Spencerian, Copperplate, Uncial, Foundational script, Fracture, etc. You can either open the ready-made grid in the browser or immediately save it to PDF.


    And now I’m gonna tell you about my recent discovery — it’s dotted paper, OMG. Of course I know it’s not a novelty any more, but I’ve tried it just recently — for some reason, it doesn’t come to our mass market. And it’s a shame! In fact, dotted paper is very good and comfortable for the eyes. I’m usually annoyed to write on checker paper because there’s a lot of visual “noise” for me, and I prefer unlined paper. And this kind of grid, these nonintrusive dots, are perfect because you both have a markup and the paper doesn’t look checkered.

    So, as this great thing isn’t really widespread here, we may take advantage of the grid generator named GRIDZZLY.com. It has various presets — DOTS, LINES, SQUARES, TRIANGLES and even HEXAGONS (for whatever one may use it). Besides, there’s an option for music stave generation and contrast regulation.

    Did you come across such tools for optimization of your studies? Do drop me a line in the comments, I’ll be glad to hear from you! 🙂

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