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  • Еternal Personal Organizer, One Week per Spread

    I’ve been using this system for more than one year, changing something and improving it for myself, so now it is completely suitable for me. And if I have any new ideas or requirements, I’ll be able to adjust it in a jiffy. The system is very simple — this is a diary based on a loose-leaf binder copybook with a “one week per spread” planner. However there are more functions, as you’ll see below.

    The basis of this diary is a copybook with a loose-leaf binder and transparent plastic cover with a button. It is very light, compact and does not come unbuttoned in your bag or backpack. Copybooks of the kind are usually available at major stores of office supplies.

    Personal Optimized Diary

    The rings inside are very convenient to fix a pen, so it is always there.

    Personal Optimized Diary

    The very first spread contains my major aims for the year (on the right) and habit tracker (on the left). What is a habit tracker? This is a list of daily activities that are boring to do (or you tend to forget about them), but that are very useful in the long term, when they become a habit. Vertically, there’s a list of activities, horizontally — days of the month. I have two activity lists: “I WILL” and “I WILL NOT”; this is just more convenient for me.

    So when you hatch these cells in the evening, this feels really fine, and the things are getting done step by step. This is like a motivation game. I still cannot accomplish the 100% of it, but I’m trying to!

    Personal Optimized Diary

    Further, there is a transparent plastic envelope for documents with holes made with a hole puncher. The envelope contains different useful stuff, a flash-card, and colored plastic stickers for marking pages.

    Personal Optimized Diary

    Several further spreads are printed on a “seasons of the year” paper — those are calendars for the months to come. They serve for long-term planning and allow to see the picture in whole.

    Here’s February, it still contains almost no records 🙂

    Personal Optimized Diary

    further there’s March, April, and so on, up to the end of the year 2018. I made the calendar grid in Word and printed it in the A5 format. Of course, it took some time, but this operation is to be done just once a year, so this is not a problem.

    Personal Optimized Diary

    The calendar is followed by simple pages with my “one week per spread” planner. I also made it in Word and print additional pages as and when necessary. I used to make this grid freehand, but I found it not so clear and quick. UPD: use this link to download a PDF for the “one week per spread” template, without dates, only week days specified. The template is designed for a spread of two A5 sheets.

    There’s a plastic ruler in the middle of the spread. I bought it with another copybook and then made holes in it with a hole puncher. It is very convenient, for it allows to open the current week quickly. Well, it may be also useful as a ruler. When a new week begins, I put the ruler in its middle and write down my current tasks as they occur. I use my own system of signs, where I mark time-consuming tasks with circles and hatch them gradually as I accomplish these activities step-by-step. Short and timed activities are marked by bullets or timestamps. When the week ends, I remove the old sheets and rewrite remaining tasks (if any) to the new week.

    Personal Optimized Diary

    After the one-week-per-spread planner, there are also several dotted sheets (I made them with a grid generator and printed) for long-term information, ideas for my projects and so on (I’ll show you an empty spread):

    Personal Optimized Diary

    And that is all!

    I bought this very orange copybook in December 2016 and I’ve been successfully using it from then on. So what are my impressions?

    – You need no new diary every year — it is being renewed gradually. If you become tired of the cover or it become shabby, you may replace it with something new. By the way, this plastic cover turned out to be very sturdy.
    – You don’t depend on the diary manufacturers and their ideas. You can invent the most convenient ways for yourself and adapt your diary as you wish.
    – You have to print the planner grids yourself. And you may need a hole puncher, but this is not 100% necessary.

    In general, there are no cons. If you find this system convenient, you’ll understand what I mean.

    How do you arrange your long- and short-term plans? Do share with me in the comments! And if you find this article useful, do share with your friends 🙂

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    2 responses to “Еternal Personal Organizer, One Week per Spread”

    1. Эллина says:

      Надя, здравствуйте, а подскажите, пожалуйста, вкладываемые тетрадные листы берете просто в магазине? или используете стандартные А4, разрезанные пополам для устойчивости к истиранию?
      И удобно ли распечатывать на тоненьких тетрадных листах? Принтер нормально реагирует на такую тонкую бумагу?

      • Эллина, добрый день! Да, тетрадные листы такого типа продаются в блоках с уже готовыми отверстиями, чтобы устанавливать их на кольца тетради.
        Принтер реагирует нормально, но только при односторонней печати – по крайней мере, мой HP при попытке напечатать на тетрадной странице с 2 сторон пытается ее зажевать.

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