MIDDAYART watercolor illustration and art prints

Nice postcards for the annual exhibition in December

Today I received the first set of postcards with my designs. This is my debut and I am so happy to see my works printed. Now people can have them and admire them any time 🙂


Манеки неко с разными атрибутами

A brand-new series of Maneki Neko in pastels

Nowadays maneki neko have become very popular and admired far beyond the borders of Japan, their motherland. It is a nice mascot which is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and all the benefits. I always used to love this symbol, because these cats are totally cute, placid and wise. So I made a series of pastels paintings with the maneki neko.

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City pleinaire in the first month of summer

Our city is quite a big one, actually it’s a megapolis with over 1 mio. inhabitants. Lots of plants, traffic, multystage buildings. However, some corners of our city amaze you with their picturesque views, odours of lilac and apple-trees, buzz of bees and fresh air from the river (a minor river named Isset’ crosses the city). This year in June our city pleinaire was held in one of such beautiful places…



Peacock Butterfly print for t-shirts etc.

This cosmic and magical butterfly with deep violet eyes on its dark-red wings met me one April day in the street. She kindly agreed to sit while I were taking a photo. Now, after some processing this amazing thing has become a character of my brand-new print ^__^


chameleon print t-shirts and sweatshirts

Chameleons in graphic art

Suddenly I became inspired about drawing strange graphic stylized chameleons with a felt-tip pen 🙂

After some processing in Photoshop I put on them a blueish watercolor texture from some of my monotypes and uploaded them to DesignByHumans.com and Redbubble.com and this what’s happened:

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Watercolor monotype “Journey notes”

Here’s my new watercolor monotype experience.

First I decided to make a series of monotypes using a limited color palette: just English red, green chromic oxide, Payne’s gray. My characters occurred to be some little creatures — lizards and snails; some grass and trees, a curious traveller and an ancient stone picture of some Native American chief…

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Siberian landscapes: old city of Tobolsk, its towers and hills

We lived in the very historical centre of the town, just near the walls of the Tobolsk Kremlin — the fortress that was initially the foundation point of the town and the outpost of the Russians in Siberia. For a whole week I was surrounded by the unusual silence disturbed only by the bell-ringing from the bell tower of the St. Sophia Cathedral and by the tower clock stricking the hours…



Dream of the Sky

This was my firs really complex project after the standard exercise still-lifes in the studio.
I wanted to make a kind of tribute to the pioneera of aviation, the brave, audacious, and curious people who made it possible for the humanity to fly.
I decided to use vintage style with this tinted paper, three tones of watercolor (aurulent, sepia and burnt umber), white paint and white and maroon chinese ink…


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